Building an Addition to My House

When we decided to have an addition done to our house, it was apparent that we were going to need to hire a construction contractor to do the work for us.  I am always wary of hiring contractors, as I have heard a number of horror stories about construction contractors who have not gotten the […]

Sea Wall Construction

When you have property near the ocean, you may feel that you are really lucky to own land on such a wonderful spot. But as you can find out when you talk with anyone who owns property in these areas, there are plenty of issues that you will have to deal with as well. And […]

Power Washing

Sometimes all a place needs is a good power wash. You may look at a property and you will think that it looks so dirty, and you would be right. It probably has not been cleaned for a long time. And when we go into grocery stores or restaurants or other shops, we do judge […]