Why Choose Wood?

If you’re looking for hardwood flooring in Lewisville TX, you’ve got good design taste.

Hardwood floors give warmth to an environment, and the beauty and the value they reflect will make your home more welcoming. Wood floors also enhance the decor of any room; wood goes well with everything and provides a timeless beauty that increases in value through the years. In fact, houses with hardwood floors are more attractive to potential buyers and therefore, they re-sell faster and at better prices than houses without hardwood floors.

The maintenance of wood floors is now quite easy – new technologies in dyes and finishes have made it possible to only need a regular cleaning with little more than sweeping or vacuuming and occasional use of a professional cleaning product for wood flooring.

A cleaning agent recommended by the floor manufacturer, wood floor installer or other professional who specializes in the maintenance of this type of finish should be all you need.

This will ensure that the appropriate cleaner is used for your floor type and finish.

Unlike carpets, the wood floor does not collect pollen, animal dander or mold. Even when carpets are steam cleaned, it is impossible to be sure that they have been cleaned completely. In fact, dampening them only makes things worse. Wood floors are an excellent choice for anyone with any type of environmental allergies.

Wood is a renewable and recyclable natural resource. Many countries and companies are devoting large tracts of timber to be used in the construction industry.

Many old wooden structures like boats, warehouses, barns, and others are often recycled for a second use as wood flooring. Wood floors are now available in more styles, colors and varieties than ever before. Whether it be traditional oak or rustic pine flooring, or even exotic or bamboo finishes, you will find a color and style to suit your decoration goals.